Pat HaysReal Estate Agent

Before I started working with Sean I was producing 3 million a year in sales volume. I hired Sean to coach me for 8 weeks and today, six months later, I am on pace to hit 15 million in sales volume. The tools, resources, and strategies we put together in my business helped me skyrocket my sales faster than I ever thought possible.

John S.Insurance Agency Owner

As an insurance agency owner in Chicago it is a very competitive industry. Sean's program has taken me to the next level and I am generating over 600 leads a year that I can directly attribute to working with Sean and using his methods.

Corey BellengerReal Estate Agent

Working with Sean has helped me create a brand that is well recognized in the community. I am now generating leads like never before and I am able to bring more value to my clients than any other agent in my market. At just 24 years old I am now one of the top 12 agents in the #1 KW office in Dallas, TX.

Mike M.Insurance Agency Owner

Sean Matheis started off as a business consultant of mine and has become a friend. He is down to earth, available, and most importantly, straight up dangerous in the areas of my business I have hired him to help me with. His knowledge of insurance, real estate, mortgages, sales, people, and business are all very strong. As crazy as it sounds it all pales in comparison to his savviness with regards to social media, online presence, and marketing in general. I have worked with Sean both remotely, and in person and have hired him multiple times. He's the real deal. The people he surrounds himself with are no slouches either. The man is the truth. Proud to have him in my circle.

Paul EdwardsIndependent Agency Owner

It's official, I have made back in one month more than every penny I invested in Agency Alliance 2.0. - in commissions - and we still have 2 weeks left in the program. Not too mention I now have the tools to keep generating leads forever. I have not purchased an internet lead since starting and will never do it again. Thanks Sean Matheis!

Keisha SantaFarmers Agency Owner

One of the unique aspects of the Agency Alliance Mastermind is that we work with agents who are just starting all the way up to agents who have been in the business for over 20 years. My first week in the program and I closed 18 new policies I am hitting my companies annual quotas every quarter and we are getting over 150 new leads a month from these strategies.

James JenkinsFarmers Agency Owner

I opened my Farmers agency 3 years ago and have tried just about everything you can imagine when it comes to leads. The Agency Alliance is the real deal. Since joining their program I posed the best December of my career and have had record sales months. The exclusive leads I generate on social media are the best ROI available. I wish I had found Sean & his team years ago.