Our Philosophy

The Agency Alliance Mastermind was founded on the belief all Insurance Agents should create great referral relationships through value. Realtors, Loan Officers, and other centers of influence want to be appreciated and respected. All our training programs focus on growing your insurance business through self-sourced lead generation and great referral partners.

Our Story

Created out of necessity in 2014, Agency Alliance Mastermind has quickly become the premier business huddle for Insurance Agents across the country and from all major carriers. Today we have helped over 250 Insurance Agents develop lead generation systems and attract the best referral partners in their local market.

Meet the Team

sean j matheis

Sean J. Matheis

Founder and CEO

Sean Matheis is the foremost authority in sales and social media marketing. He has created training programs for and coached along side some of the biggest names in business, reality tv stars, and pro athletes and the biggest players in the internet marketing space.

Sean's 21st century approach to sales & marketing gives his clients the edge that is needed in today's competitve marketplace to stop competing and start dominating.

Today the programs that Sean has directly created, co-created, launched, and marketed have reached over 2,000 sales professionals in every state of the US and in over a dozen countries around the world helping his clients to reach success levels that proved to be life changing.

Sean is passionaite about business and owns a majority interest in four successful companies. Sean's experience in entrepenuership, sales, marketing, and consulting allows him to bring a well rounded skill set to all of his clients, speaking events, and programs. To reach Sean email sean@sellingwithsean.com.

sean j matheis

Chad J. Hutchens


I started in the insurance business with Allstate in 2006 and sold that agency in 2015 and opened an independent agency to better serve my customers with choices. I live in Trussville, AL with my wife Angela and our 3 children Madison, 12, Katelyn, 10, and Zachary 5. I graduated from Samford University with a BA in Advertising/Public Relations. I have been a Firefighter/EMT for 14 years.

What sets me apart is I protect people in the town I live in both with insurance and also as a firefighter. I have seen devastation at all levels and can instill in my customers the seriousness of being protected adequately and with an agent you can trust. I have actually been the responding Medic to car accidents who were my customer.

Who else can say they had their insurance agent show up like that to their accident? I am also different in that I volunteer in my community in numerous ways. We instill in those that do business with us, as well as those around us who don’t, how dedicated we are to our customers and our community. We set ourselves apart by being an agency you can trust implicitly with all needs.

sean j matheis

Frank Jiminez


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As an insurance agency owner in Chicago it is a very competitive industry. Sean's program has taken me to the next level and I am generating over 600 leads a year that I can directly attribute to working with Sean and using his methods.

John S.Agency Owner